Lotus Jewellery House
New jewelry philosophy

Lotus Jewelry House has been in business for more than ten years. Our brand appeared during a time of fundamental change in the jewelry market, a time when superior quality and exclusivity became more important to the consumer. Under these conditions, brand uniqueness became the most important element of success.

Lotus jewels became "In Demand" because of their innovative diamond cuts and unique designs.The founder and inspirer of Lotus Jewelry, Yulia Shelest, offers innovative diamond cuts, emphasizing the stone's natural features rather than pretentiousness.

Our masterpieces
Unique jewelry collection

Lotus Jewelry House specializes in the creation of new, unusual diamond cuts; this so-called "Diamond Art" is a rarity in the jewelry world. Innovative facet forms emerge from the artist's creativity, a process beginning with the artist's handling of the raw diamond. Rather than having a predetermined idea of how the stone will be cut, the artist exploits the unique features of each diamond to determine how she will cut it. Among Yulia's patented diamond cuts, special place belongs to "The Flower," which has become a hallmark of the Lotus brand.

We know all about gems
Technology, characteristics and esoteric meaning