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In each of us there is a creative source which pushes us to develop and grow, to innovate and explore. Each of us some day reaches that crucial point when things cease to be simply expensive or branded. Our goal is to embrace the idea our client is inspired by, and to translate it into visual language. Using an extensive arsenal of art means, we seek to embody idea of the customer in a particular jewellery piece.

We are open to hear our clients. Usually creating the personal jewellery design is a sort of a "miracle" - complex transformation of a mental and verbal image into a material object which actually reflects the initial idea. That is how we create a personal jewellery characterizing your identity and individuality.
Behind quality of LOTUS products there is love and wisdom of our masters, throughout the way — from the beginning sketch to the finished product. Using an extensive arsenal of artistic strategies, we seek to embody the customer's individuality and complexity in every jewelry piece!
Fortunately we can afford to be engaged in what we love. That is why we are so good in what we do.
Julia Shelest
As there are no two people who are totally equal to each other, there should not be similar things. Everyone of us is unique and exceptional, that is why we should not imitate anyone or anything, cause we all have our specific way and mission.
Zhakshilik Chentemirov
Each of us carries in his heart a secret thirst. Only to the extent that you can feel your life full and decent we will find ourselves in a position to show the essence of his own heart.
George Kinder