New jewelry philosophy

Lotus Jewellery House exists for more than seven years. Brand appeared at the time of the fundamental change on the jewellery market. Such concepts as high quality and exclusiveness were applied in consumers' minds. In these conditions uniqueness of a brand could become the only criterion of survival and the long life for new companies.

Lotus jewels became demanded due to the innovative diamond cuts, branded unique design also found it's true admirers. The founder and the inspirer of the company Julia Shelest offered buyers the whole new form of a diamond cut with the strong emphasis not on pretentiousness, but on a natural component of a stone.

For the last few years "Lotus" became a great sample of a strong individual voice in the industry, identifying with the intelligent approach to the production of jewelry. This unique characteristic of the brand not only made it noticeable and charismatic but allowed it to stand out on a very competitive market.
Lotus Jewellery House created the whole new jeweller philosophy. In fact, we create "intelligent values", expressing the inner most valuable contents in jewellery.
This is an expression of a reverse side of the things usually hidden from everybody's eyes. It doesn't have anything in common with the possession, it's about creation of a new artistic reality expressed in the "intelligent values" code, where the inner world reveals in a jewellery piece.
Fortunately we can afford to be engaged in what we love. That is why we are so good in what we do.
Julia Shelest
As there are no two people who are totally equal to each other, there should not be similar things. Everyone of us is unique and exceptional, that is why we should not imitate anyone or anything, cause we all have our specific way and mission.
Zhakshilik Chentemirov
Each of us carries in his heart a secret thirst. Only to the extent that you can feel your life full and decent we will find ourselves in a position to show the essence of his own heart.
George Kinder